Content for London hospitality/experience venue

Thanks for popping by this (private/unlinked) page.

My client is a content platform which allows brands to produce engaging content experiences which are marginally better than typical microsites can achieve; optimised for both web and mobile.

Content formats include:

  • Articles (500w blog-style)
  • Profiles (500w interviews or Q&As)
  • Digest (Link collections to 3rd party sites)
  • Listicle (Buzzfeed-style ‘X reasons…’)
  • plus executions just for video, pictures (Flipbook, gallery…)

The formats are all designed to increase brand engagement.

I have worked with them before on B2B campaigns, and I only do B2B work. We have been asked to source a B2C content writer to produce content for an upcoming B2C campaign.

The client is a London hospitality venture mixing a fun active experience with cocktails etc. If you look up “Ballie Ballerson” or “Flight Club”, you’ll see the sort of thing.

My requirement is for:

  • A content writer who can produce articles, profiles, digests and listicles as above. Articles require clarity and soul. Profiles require research and tenacity. Digests need research skills etc.
  • But I think what will distinguish the best from the rest is the creative ability to come up with content ideas which will genuinely interest an audience and meet the objectives of the brand. This will be crucial in doing a good job.
  • You may be required to run some support activities like picture research too.

About you:

  • London based – there will no doubt be the occasional meeting
  • Plenty of relevant examples (please send links!)
  • Ideally some consumer agency experience
  • Happy to sign an NDA and freelancer contract
  • Authorised to work in the UK (tax etc.  in your own hands)

More answers:

  • Dayrate has not yet been confirmed – it will be fair-to-good (I am guessing at £250 per day at the moment) and I’ll put it up here as soon as I have an idea.
  • We have an example of the content experiences in action – this will be sent to shortlisted folks.
  • Timeline: I think this will drop in the next 2 weeks, and (again guessing), I think it will be 7-10 days’ work across the next month or so.

If you have any more questions, do pop me an email – I will reply and update this page.

To apply:

Please pop an email to me at nick@wellspark.co.uk. Please include some links to relevant examples. I’m particularly interested in people who can interpret the brand and come up with creative, fun ideas for content.

Thanks for reading!