The Voiceover Widget

Made by voiceover professionals, for voiceover professionals, this might just be the smartest little download you’ve ever used.

If you’re a voice artist, you’ll know how annoying it can be. You spend only 15 minutes recording prompts… but you spend 45 minutes splitting, trimming and then renaming the files.

It’s exactly the problem we had – which is why we built the solution. We were commissioned to voice a set of quizzes. Each quiz had 80 prompts. It used to take over an hour of admin time for each quiz. Now, we record each quiz in ten minutes – because PromptBuddy does the hard work.

PromptBuddy gets rid of all the boring the stuff. Save your script as a text file and PromptBuddy does the rest!

  • All files automatically named
  • No more trimming and slicing
  • Triple your work rate and profitability

Cover the cost in under two hours!

PromptBuddy costs £39.99. If you’re a pro voice artist, you’ll cover the cost of this software in the first two hours you use it.

PromptBuddy slashes the time needed for recording prompts, reduces the chances of errors, and makes long lists of prompts a doddle!

Use It for…

  • IVR Announcements
  • Presentations and PowerPoints
  • Audiobooks
  • Quiz Prompts
  • Website Narrations