Let your personality shine through

Podcasts have had a bit of a duff press in the past couple of years. There are two reasons for this.

  1. There is no question that the majority of audio podcasts have been superseded by video.
  2. And the trend towards quick-hit content, delivered in moments rather than across half an hour, has focused on immediacy rather than crafted messaging.

These are both valid, but podcasts still have a powerful role to play in the right situation. And the right marketing methodology for the right situation is exactly what we’re all about.

Podcasts are more easily downloaded than video in places with poor internet access. They are popular in the same contexts as radio – and so (particularly with the advent of smartphones) have the capacity to go places where video can’t: specifically in your car and under your pillow.

Particularly for internal communications, podcasts are the ideal go-to medium for making the most of previously dead time – like the daily commute.

And then there’s the reputational sales process. Podcasts do not – generally – drive sales (this is a mistake many have made in the past…) But they do make reputations through education. Are you an accountant? Talk about tax. IT specialist? Produce a programme on computers and software. People buy from brands they trust, and there are fewer ways to build trust than direct from you and your spokespersons to the ears of your audience.

And because podcasts are exceptionally economical (and therefore low-risk) to produce, you can get plenty of bites at the promotional cherry for not much outlay at all.

We can take care of your entire production, from branding and format through to interviewing and guest management. We’ll even train up in-house heroes to run interviews (nothing drives engagement better than home-grown talent).

How we can help

We’ve got the equipment, the technology and the marketing know-how to make podcasting work for your company:

  • Strategy: It all begins with strategy; making sure your podcast achieves what you want it to. Perhaps it’s more sales, more website visits, or fewer after-sales calls. Either way, we can create a strategy to match budgets with outcomes.
  • Equipment: We can provide you with tried and tested equipment, through a selection of Podcast Kits. Buy from us if you want to broadcast regularly, or rent kits as and when you need one.
  • Creative: We produce compelling editorial, show formats, discussion material and supporting further reading for your listeners; indeed everything you need to make your shows a relevant and interesting listen.
  • Talent: Not too confident presenting your own show? We can provide presenters, reporters and journalists to help you present your company in the best possible light.
  • Post-production: We can edit your programme, add music, titles and voiceovers.
  • Marketing: There’s no point producing a podcast if nobody’s listening. We can help with marketing and promotion, to ensure you reach your target audience.

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