Healthcare is one of the most exciting frontiers in technology. Policymakers look to IT to increase engagement in public health. Developers are creating apps to revolutionise health and the management of long term conditions. Telehealth is bringing care back into the home and shrinking admissions and pathways. But there are challenges too. Data protection and privacy challenges. Policy and budgetary challenges.

This is a market with a long road ahead, and communication challenges at every turn. We are not only highly experienced in this sector, but utterly committed to it: after all, it’s matter of life and death. We have worked with Microsoft in healthcare and life sciences for six years, plus device manufacturers, private health providers and hospital workflow specialists. Oh, and we have created a complete CQC compliance course for the care home industry.

“For the effort and expense we put in, the Beermat Radio podcasts gave us exceptional reach and extended the Beermat brand and engagement with the audience to a far greater degree than we had expected.”

Mike Southon, ‘The Beermat Entrepreneur’

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