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It’s a tough break. You refine your processes, best-practice methodologies and all the secret-sauce tools in your armoury; until you have a successful and profitable business. Only to find that communicating what you do is a nightmare. It’s either too complex for customers to understand, or so simple that they don’t respect all the effort you’ve put in. Or you look like every one of your competitors.

Our manifesto for communicating professional services would include these commitments:

Whatever your profession, you still have stories and approaches which will differentiate you from anyone else in the market. We will help you capitalise on them.
It’s our business to understand your business. We are proud to have clients in HR, finance, project management, outsourcing and technology. Unravelling complexity without becoming trite is a stock-in trade for us.
Professionals are experts. They have insight to share, which makes them excellent communicators.

We can help you with all of these; ensuring that you always present a credible and insightful face to your marketplace.

“For the effort and expense we put in, the Beermat Radio podcasts gave us exceptional reach and extended the Beermat brand and engagement with the audience to a far greater degree than we had expected.”

Mike Southon, ‘The Beermat Entrepreneur’

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