We are experts at handling the unique communication challenges in tech companies. New technologies are invariably complicated, so we are adept at refining and simplifying your message. Then again, sometimes, tech is just so new that you’re taking a brand into uncharted waters – where customers didn’t even know they had a problem you could solve. These are the sorts of positioning and messaging challenges we love.

Tech companies also sometimes speak geek. Sorry about that. No offence meant. We will make your message relevant to your audience: solving their problems and generating customer delight. We also keep a constant eye on the market, so you won’t spend your valuable time explaining the basics to us.

Newsletters, blogs, white papers, case studies, podcasts, training materials and e-learning tools are all bread and butter to us. So if you’re in a spin with VPNs or your ERP product currently looks as appetising as yesterday’s pizza, we can help. Our enviable client roster includes Microsoft, Acision, Kofax, Real Networks and Symbian; along with a rich patchwork of start-ups.

“For the effort and expense we put in, the Beermat Radio podcasts gave us exceptional reach and extended the Beermat brand and engagement with the audience to a far greater degree than we had expected.”

Mike Southon, ‘The Beermat Entrepreneur’

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