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TrueLayer: Report writing

Our client: TrueLayer is a pioneer fintech enabled by the recent innovation of Open Banking. With a data API and a payments API, TrueLayer is the pipework that powers a host of other exciting and innovative banking propositions – and a client base from Revolut to Zopa. When you can connect your many financial institutions, make better decisions because you have more data, or run seamless payments and account authorisations, it’s businesses like TrueLayer which power this new financial mobility.

What we did: Like many B2B startups, TrueLayer regularly commissions research to take the temperature of its markets and deliver new insight to clients. We were delighted to be commissioned to convert the raw research into compelling and readable reports, specifically for the gaming and wealth management industries. As always, this requires knowledge of both our client (fintech) and the target sectors – no small ask. Each report was turned round in under 7 days, and required only one round of revisions; meaning the release schedule kept on track.

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