Maximum impact, controlled budget

Now that the majority of consumers live in an always-on, high-bandwidth world, it was inevitable that video would become a must-have.

It’s an appealing way to communicate, allowing you to present real people and personalities, or bring some colour to otherwise humdrum subjects.

But the challenge has always been price. How can you use video to present a professional image without breaking the bank? Why should video be the preserve of the few corporate giants who own their own studios?

We pride ourselves on:

  • Industrialised processes which take cost out of every element of the process, without sacrificing creativity.
  • Keeping a constant eye on the technologies which are revolutionising the video production process.

Suffice to say that for more than one of our clients, we have reduced costs by over 80%. It means that video can become a sustainable and engaging element in your marketing armoury.

Example: Location
Example: Studio with overlays
Example: Animation

Try us for:

  • Animated storytelling
  • Product demos and website walkthroughs
  • Live events
  • E-learning and educational production
  • Internal Communications
  • Expert press comment