Thought Leadership – Tech in Accountancy

Karaj Thanks for popping by this (private/unlinked) page.

buy antabuse tablets uk I’m producing thought leadership for Soldo (; a nifty piece in the fintech jigsaw puzzle which gives employees a credit card for their expenses which includes things like easy expense integration and role-based spending ceilings.

Akbou I want to write reasonably short (700 words or so) interviews / Q&As / bylined articles with thought leaders in this space; particularly on e.g.:

  • Automation in accountancy / financial management – and how it should free up the strategic accountant/CFO
  • Seamlessness v. function in digital business
  • The growing universe of software tools for finance professionals – what are finance professionals using/loving/advocating for?
  • Employee benefits – what works?

Genzano di Roma I’m very open to other article ideas, so long as they broadly target accountancy professionals at the interface of technology and modernisation.

In terms of housekeeping:

  • You definitely get a credit: we win if you win, so your credentials matter to me!
  • You get to approve final copy to make sure I have represented you adequately
  • It’s my job as a writer to make you look good as well as my clients!
  • In terms of time commitment, I will require around 15-30 minutes of your time on a phone call, which I will record (not for nefarious purposes – it means we can have a chat); and then any approval process at your end.
  • And if you would like examples of my work to convince you, try these:

If that sounds like fun, do please contact me directly at; particularly if you have any questions I haven’t answered here.

Thanks so much – and look forward to speaking with you